Urban landscapes: Scotia Centre


I’ve started this new version of my photography website by highlighting a growing new passion: modern architecture.
In some ways, this subject is very much like my traditional photographic pursuit, nature and landscapes. For example, I’m still seeking order and artistry in a jumbled world of clutter. But often, I’m dealing with straighter lines (often competing straighter lines) and I’m not so bound by the restrictions of photographing around sunrise and sunset.
Modern architecture is often quite glorious in its design and that’s why I so often point my camera at it. There’s another reason, too: as I live in a large city (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), it’s often faster and more convenient to do this kind of photography than to drive several hours and hope the weather holds out at a distant nature photography destination.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Want to buy this picture? Email me and I’ll make it happen! (fdking@hotmail.com).

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