How to comment on pictures

How to comment on my pictures

If you’re seeing my photographs on the home page of this website, and you’re not familiar with WordPress webpages, then you’re probably not aware of how to add a comment to a picture. It’s simple; under each picture, on the same line as the date when the photo was uploaded, is wording indicating how many comments have been made . Simply click on the word “comments” and a comment space will open up for you.

You can type as much as you want, then click the “Post Comment” button and you’re done!

All pictures on Frank King Photos © Frank King. All rights reserved.
All pictures on this site were made and edited by me, Frank King, unless otherwise indicated.
Please do not copy, remove, or print pictures from this site in any way, shape or form.

8 thoughts on “How to comment on pictures

  1. I admire all the pictures that you share to all of us people, because like for me I can never go out or travel around the world to see this amazing and fabulous places and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it with us!!!!!❤ Much love to you and keep up the good works. Merry Christmas!

  2. these are terrific photos….I have travelled to Canada a few times and Vancouver and British Columbia are my favorite places to vacation…thanks for sharing your great pictures

  3. Frank, I really appreciate your photos! I have written a lot about photos like these … I guess you could call themprose poems or even ramblings. Largely inspired by my own photos and especially my experiences growing up on a mixed farm in the 1950s. I would like to share some with you sometime.

    Thank you for your photos. They are inspirational.

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