Urban landscapes: the morning commute


It was so, SO cold, -15C with a windchill making it feel like about -25. But I stuck it out on this pedestrian overpass for nearly a half-hour, making 30-second exposures like this and feeling a giddy surge when I saw the very satisfying images show up in my viewscreen. The most visible tower here is The Bow, with the slightly taller Brookfield Place just behind and to the left. (Here’s another downtown view from before the arrival of Brookfield Place: http://wp.me/p2ccTX-gb).
Nikon D7100, tripod, graduated density (darkening) filter on the ground.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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Calgary long exposure light streams

4 thoughts on “Urban landscapes: the morning commute

  1. Nice long exposure work Frank! I would not have thought to reverse the grad-ND for the light trails. Now I have to go try that although I’m not as brave so I will wait for it to warm up a little! 🙂

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