Natural landscapes: the arrival of spring?


Spring is a fitful mistress in this western Canadian province. One day it’s 10c, the next day can easily be -10 with snow. In fact, the snowiest “winter” month in this part of Canada is March.
So all that said, this scene from late February certainly looks like the departure of winter. What you can’t see is the wind; Castle Wildland Provincial Park is in the deep southwest and that’s one of the windiest places in Canada.
I was very glad to have a tripod to compose this scene; I also boosted the “speed” of my exposures to ISO 400 (anyone with camera – not phone – experience will probably understand) to make sure my exposures wouldn’t be blurry from constant wind shaking the camera.
Nikon D7100, tripod, polarizing filter.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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