Natural landscapes: A cave amidst the rocks


A drive to Mount Edith Cavell, in this Canadian Rockies park, is a truly unforgettable experience. Glaciers, lakes, icebergs, waterfalls and epic peaks. All in one little area. Truly astounding. I went inside this cave; it’s cool and wet because lots of water drips from the ice. (Here’s a different view of Angel Glacier and, if you look carefully, the ice cave: This photo was made in 2011; since then, access to the area has been prohibited because pieces of the glacier can break off and kill people.
Nikon D90, tripod, polarizing filter

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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2 thoughts on “Natural landscapes: A cave amidst the rocks

  1. I’ve been in caves like this under the glaciers in the Alps – always extraordinary places. I love the layering in this image and it shows so clearly how the idea of glaciers being pristine sheets of ice is so often untrue – they are travelators, conveyor belts of debris in slow-mo. A great shot, Frank

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