Natural landscapes: the colours of Muleshoe


The western Canadian province of Alberta doesn’t get the brilliant reds of the maple trees in central and eastern Canada, but we do pretty well with eye-popping yellows and oranges of poplars and aspens (seen here), along with larches that grow at higher altitudes. Besides the colour, what attracted me to this scene was the light-dark contrast between the trees and mountains.
Nikon D90, tripod, polarizing filter.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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6 thoughts on “Natural landscapes: the colours of Muleshoe

  1. Beautiful, Frank! That’s the kind of color we get here when we are lucky enough to have autumn. Mainly yellow, but with a lot of green Most of the trees here in the desert are non-native and evergreens.

  2. Stunning photo, Frank. I liked the juxtaposition of the seasonal beauty, changing leaf colors, beside the monumental rock formation, anchored in permanence. Vibrant colors are spectacular.

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