Rural landscapes: April’s cold mornings


Spring? Well, it was -8c when I drove to the amazing badlands in this western Canadian province, so I was glad to have a winter coat & boots, gloves and a toque. The weather forecast suggested a sunny dawn, but the overcast conditions allowed for the overnight frost to stick around longer. And that opened the door to photographing compelling big landscapes and, like this, intimate portraits.
Nikon D7100, 70-300mm zoom lens, tripod.

Click/tap on the picture for a larger view.

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One thought on “Rural landscapes: April’s cold mornings

  1. Wonderful photo, Frank, a joy to behold. I love the frosty layer you captured and how it accents the lines. I especially appreciate that you were out there in incredibly frigid weather focusing on art and succeeding. Cheers, my friend.

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