Rural landscapes: the green coastline


This compelling scene dates back to 1993 during my second trip to Ireland and when I was still photographing on slide film. I was blessed to spend time in the nation’s southwest, where incredible scenes like this are common.
One thing about Ireland: upon arriving, I somehow felt the weight of so many centuries of often heartbreaking history. It comes back to me now as I look at these ageless strings of stone fences.
Pentax 6×7 film camera, tripod, polarizing filter

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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3 thoughts on “Rural landscapes: the green coastline

  1. Fantastic overview vista of the Emerald Isle, Frank, especially with the seaside in the foreground. 1993 is pre-drone, so I imagine this is from an aircraft. Wow, a true delight.

  2. I love this picture! All of the green land and the stone walls that can be built and easily moved, as needed. The coastline is just so dramatic! So classic, timeless and beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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