Rural landscapes: the halting arrival of spring


Spring is a ficklesome thing on the Canadian prairies; one day it’s warm and the next cold & snowy. I was cruising the gorgeous landscapes near my home in Calgary when I encountered this drowned fence, complete with icy tentacles.
I took care with the resulting composition to ensure the fence post was well above the horizon, thereby connecting land with sky in the resulting photo; if the top of the post was lined up with the horizon, that would have created a subconscious visual irritant.
Nikon D90, tripod, polarizing filter

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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2 thoughts on “Rural landscapes: the halting arrival of spring

  1. Truly a stunning photo, Frank. The icicles (like your word “tentacles”) are a beautiful phenomenon, and the horizon lined up so expertly, the textured water and so icy blue. Also liked seeing the prairie in there. Really lovely.

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