Wildlife: Waterton deer


This Canadian Rocky Mountain national park, tucked into the southwest corner of the province of Alberta, is generally a windy place. But the weekend we camped there was so uncomfortably windy that we couldn’t sleep. Then it started to rain. So we went home.
But before that, we did get a few sunny breaks, and that’s when I spotted this deer resting in a patch of forest near the campground. I must have spent a half hour hanging out with him, getting progressively closer and having more and more time to improve my compositions.
By the time this photo was made, I was lying on my stomach to put the foreground grass firmly out of focus and put nothing behind the deer except forest. And I had time to position myself so the deer’s head was perfectly positioned between two tree trunks. Nikon D90, 80-200 mm. lens (handheld at F2.8).

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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