Natural Landscapes: Fighting the flow


This boulder (and I assume it’s a boulder and not rock that’s been sculpted to look like a boulder) is perched just above Sunwapta Falls in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This photograph is my second attempt at the boulder; years before, I used a Pentax medium format film camera and put the boulder dead-centre. This time, I move it above the vertical centre, so it would appear to be battling the forces of the river. Nikon D90, tripod, polarizing filter, probably one or two darkening filters as well.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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Jasper WEB11

2 thoughts on “Natural Landscapes: Fighting the flow

  1. From a technical point of view, it looks as if you’ve cracked this one. But I’m obliged to suggest that it seems to be screaming out for something else – some other motif. My first thought is that any glamorous object – perfume, watch, jewellery, almost anything, resting on that rock will be sold by your photograph. I guess that is not a likelihood, and then wondered if the image could be made a little more dynamic by setting the rock off centre left or right a little – or maybe at the top or bottom of a portrait framing – to pull in your original concept more powerfully?

  2. Thanks for the wonderfully indepth and thoughtful critique! A vertical format might have worked well, but there was another rock just below the frame of this horizontal version. I did try going off-centre, but it just didn’t seem as pleasing as what you see here. 🙂

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