Urban landscapes: a view of magnificence


Photographing cathedrals is always on my bucket list, especially in Ireland, a nation for which I feel a deep emotional connection. I was incredibly blessed to be permitted to use my tripod – which rarely happens inside cathedrals or any other public buildings. This enabled me to make crisp, carefully composed long exposures and you’re looking at one result. Even a wide-angle lens couldn’t capture all the magnificence that was everywhere I looked.
This cathedral was once Roman Catholic, until England dumped the Catholic church in the 1600s and created the Anglican Church. One result of this was Oliver Cromwell (a certified religious extremist, IMHO) swept through churches like this, removing all signs of Roman Catholicism. Still, this is a magnificent building that I was honoured to photograph. And in the end, it isn’t about Catholic or Protestant. It’s about Jesus of Nazareth.  🙂
Nikon D7100, tripod.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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