Urban landscapes: the exchange of goods


This three-metre tall bronze sculpture was designed in 1977 by American sculptor John Weaver, who eventually moved to Canada because so much of his works were here. It sits on a three-metre tall granite base, so the entire presentation is quite striking.
The Trader was commissioned to commemorate businessman and politician John McDougall. According to the city of Edmonton website, “In following the conventions of classic heroic sculpture, the imagery and representation of McDougall as the ‘hero’ of the monument can be construed as problematic. Although both men are portrayed as equal in scale, McDougall the settler is named while the Indigenous man trading with him is not.”
What grabbed my attention was the snow and how it highlighted the curves of the trading materials. From there, I worked to ensure symmetry in the background.
Nikon D50, tripod.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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